Rhian Ivory's THE BOY WHO DREW THE FUTURE to be published by Firefly Press

We're excited to announce that Rhian Ivory's wonderful mid-grade book THE BOY WHO DREW THE FUTURE will be published by Firefly Press, with a release date of September 2015.

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Rhian Ivory author photo.jpg

Noah and Blaze live in the same village over 100 years apart.  But the two teenage boys are linked by a river and a strange gift: they both compulsively draw images they don’t understand, that later come true.  They can draw the future.

1860s - Blaze is alone after his mother’s death, dependent on the kindness of the villagers, who all distrust his gift as witchcraft but still want him to predict the future for them. When they don’t like what he draws, life gets very dangerous for him.

Now - Noah comes to the village for a new start.  His parents are desperate for him to be ‘normal’ after all the trouble they've had in the past.  He makes a friend, Beth, but as with Blaze the strangeness of his drawings start to turn people against him and things get very threatening. Will he be driven away from this new home - and from Beth?

Will both boys be destroyed by their strange gift, or can a new future be drawn?