Sharon Blackie's IF WOMEN ROSE ROOTED, LIKE TREES acquired by September Publishing

We're delighted to announce that Hannah MacDonald at September Publishing has acquired world English rights in Sharon Blackie's book IF WOMEN ROSE ROOTED, LIKE TREES. A book on Celtic women, inspired by their landscapes, mythologies and their unique heroines. 

Sharon explains, "It’s a personal journey through the unique and atmospheric landscapes of the Celtic nations, and the mythology and mindscape of its women. It offers a re-visioning of the ‘Heroine’s Journey’ for our times..."

Hannah MacDonald says, 'Our daughters need better role models, better stories to learn from. Meanwhile across the world, women are listening to deeper instincts and reconnecting with the environment, finding self-fulfillment through different priorities. This a timely book which will appeal to those interested in a New Celticism and to women searching for different routes through life, much as Women who Run With The Wolves did 30 years ago.'

Sharon Blackie trained and worked as a neuroscientist in London and Paris but, pulled by her own Celtic genes, moved first to Scotland and then to Ireland to publish and write. She is the author of an acclaimed debut novel The Long Delirious Burning Blue and she and her husband publish Earthlines - a magazine of nature writing, acclaimed by Robert Macfarlane, George Monbiot and Jay Griffiths, amongst others. Robert Macfarlane described it as 'A fine thing...a point of convergence for many thought tributaries and philosophical paths.' Visit Sharon's website, Re-enchanting The Earth and follow her on Twitter.

The title of the book comes from a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke:

‘If we surrendered/ to earth’s intelligence/ we could rise up rooted, like trees.’