Cape pre-empts Isabel Buchanan's book INCOMPATIBLE GODS

Jonathan Cape pre-empted just before the Book Fair Isabel Buchanan’s book INCOMPATIBLE GODS: LIFE AMONG THE CONDEMNED IN PAKISTAN.  Through the cases of Pakistan’s poorest prisoners, the book mediates on authority and power: the legacy of Empire and the gulf between the haves and the have-nots. Through her experienced of being a young, foreign, female lawyer living in Lahore, the book offers glimpses of a Pakistan little seen: of courts and prisons, rural and urban homes and the texture of everyday life. The book is based on the author’s practice as a 23 year old lawyer in Lahore.

Dan Franklin of Cape said: 'Isabel Buchanan's story of a young British lawyer working in Lahore
with prisoners on death row is utterly remarkable and brilliantly told. This promises to be one of those  books of narrative non-fiction that transcends its immediate circumstances to become universally relevant and important.'