Barbara Taylor's THE LAST ASYLUM reaches Charles Taylor Prize Shortlist

We're thrilled to announce that Barbara Taylor's THE LAST ASYLUM: A Memoir of Madness in Our Times has reached the shortlist of the Charles Taylor Prize, also known as the RBC Taylor Prize. We're sure she doesn't need it but we wish her the best of luck!

A work of major substance and shocking honesty, The Last Asylum is a haunting tale of madness in the modern age. In this beautifully written memoir, Barbara Taylor uses her own harrowing experiences in psychoanalysis not only as a vehicle for personal discovery but as a prism through which to view contemporary attitudes towards mental illness. But Taylor is also a noted scholar of modern British culture and society, and her investigative powers as a historian are also on full display in this book. She explores Friern, an insane asylum first built by the Victorians where she received extensive treatment and which serves as the backdrop for her painful but revealing personal journey. Exquisitely crafted, The Last Asylumis an intellectual and stylistic tour de force. 

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