Virago to Publish Jessica J Lee's Swimming Memoir

Great news - rights to Jessica J Lee's swimming memoir Turning have been sold to Virago in the UK and Berlin Verlag in Germany. 

The intensity of swimming in lakes throughout the year is the subject of an extraordinary new nature memoir set to be published in 2017. Turning, referring to the moment in the season when the water changes, is the story of Jessica's relationship with the lakes of Berlin, Canada and Hampstead Heath in London. But this memoir isn't just about swimming, it's about a search for a better understanding of her childhood and the person she's become because of it. Through swimming in fifty-two lakes around Berlin she explores the natural history of fresh water and examines her own place and identity in the world. 

Virago's Lennie Goodings said: "I love the intensity and the stillness of this proposal. Finding a place in a landscape is something we all search for; using the particular metaphor of swimming seems to me a highly imaginative way to look at this search. As a swimmer myself, I fell in love with this idea almost immediately."
Jessica currently lives in Berlin. She has worked in primary schools, universities, coffee shops and on newspapers. Her core passion, however, is the environment, especially researching, exploring, and writing about the places that matter to her. She is in the final stages of a PhD on the environmental and cultural history of Hampstead Heath.