Excitement mounts over Ben Stewart's DON'T TRUST, DON'T FEAR, DON'T BEG

DON'T TRUST, DON'T FEAR, DON'T BEG: THE EXTRAORDINARY STORY OF THE ARCTIC THIRTY is all set for publication on 16th April and we're all very excited here at DGA. 

There is a saying in Russian jails. Ne ver ne boysya ne prosi: don't trust, don't fear, don't beg. Don't trust because life here will always disappoint you. Don't fear because whatever you're scared of, you are powerless to prevent it. And don't beg because nobody ever begged their way out of a Russian prison cell.

The plan was to attach a Greenpeace pod to Gazprom's platform and launch a peaceful protest against oil being pumped from the icy waters of the Arctic. However, heavily armed commandos flooded the deck of the Arctic Sunrise and the Arctic Thirty began their ordeal at the hands of Putin's regime. Told in the activists' own words and for the first time, this is a dramatic and inspiring story of incarceration and the ensuing emotional campaign to bring the protestors home.

“A gripping story of tremendous courage that reads like a thriller. By putting their bodies on the line to stop the drilling, the Arctic 30 became global symbols for a resurgent climate movement, one willing to do whatever it takes to close down new fossil fuel frontiers. This is real heroism and Stewart's excellent account will surely inspire many others to join the fight for a humane and liveable planet” - Naomi Klein

"This is the stuff of international thrillers, with all the intrigue, drama and global political ramifications we expect from a well turned Hollywood blockbuster. But this plot is disturbingly real and the stakes for humankind couldn't be higher". – Martin Sixsmith

The Arctic is in grave danger. This terrific book illuminates, with thriller-like pace and crackling humour, the story of thirty people who risked their freedom for its protection. Anyone who admires direct action, wants to know what to do about the peril we are all in, or who cares about the future of their children should read it now. - Emma Thompson

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