Charlotte Salter's CATACOMB HILL sold to Dial Books for Young Readers

Dial Books for Young Readers' Stacey Friedberg has bought world English rights in Charlotte Salter's debut middle-grade novel, Catacomb Hill. Allison Hellegers at Rights People brokered the deal for Salter on behalf of Kirsty McLachlan here at DGA. Hellegers said the novel is "in the vein of Neil Gaiman".

Catacomb Hill is set in a world in thrall to the deep and monster-strewn sea. It follows Sophie Seawright, a compulsive storyteller who has been abandoned by her parents for an earthly paradise, as she attempts to find an object called the Monster Box. She is set on this task by Master Most Violent Cartwright, a visitor to Catacomb Hill where she is trapped, and aided by the secretive dogsbody Mister Scree. Attempting to dispose of her by any means possible are identical twins and atrocious actors Ralf and Gail, who conceal a secret about their identities, and their mother, the guilty and fearful Battleship.

Charlotte is currently in her second year of the University of Warwick’s MA in Writing, having previously graduated with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing in 2012. Like her protagonist, Charlotte knows how to tell stories – and create dark, fantastical worlds – a rare find.

The book is set for a spring 2017 release.