Lord Puttnam to adapt Ben Stewart's DON'T TRUST, DON'T FEAR, DON'T BEG


It was announced at Cannes, 2015, that Oscar-winning producer, Lord Puttnam will be returning to movie making. He's working on an adaptation of Ben Stewart's thrilling non-fiction title, DON'T TRUST, DON'T FEAR, DON'T BEG, published in April by Guardian/Faber, which has received fantastic reviews in the press. 

This gripping and fast paced book tells the story of the Arctic 30, a team of Greenpeace activists who were detained in a Russian jail following their attempt to storm a Gazprom oil platform. Lord Puttnam is the celebrated producer of ‘Chariots of Fire’ for which he won the Academy Award for best picture.

Emma Thompson has been an advocate of the book, saying "The Arctic is in grave dancer. This terrific book illuminates, with thriller-like pace and crackling humour, the story of thirty people who risked their freedom for its protection. Anyone who admires direct action, wants to know what to do about the peril we are all in, or who cares about the future of their children should read it now."  

Read the book ahead of seeing the film!