Reviews for Sarah Ward's IN BITTER CHILL

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If you're a crime fan or just looking for a gripping summer read, Sarah Ward's debut novel can't be missed. It's been the subject of so many wonderful reviews recently, we can't recommend it enough! 

‘An intelligent and fast-paced debut, In Bitter Chill is a tale of loss and long-hidden secrets that makes for uncomfortable and disturbing reading. Chilling and thrilling in equal measure, it showcases Ward's undoubted prowess as a writer.' - Stylist, Book Wars

'A top-class, page-turning debut.' - Woman & Home

Thriller of the month in Good Housekeeping.

'A promising debut' - Laura Wilson, Guardian

'A tense, well-told story of loss and family secrets.' - Carla McKay, Daily Mail

'The title suggests that this debut novel ought to be yet another example of Nordic Noir and, although it is set in rural Derbyshire, it does have a Scandinavian sensibility exerting its grip through strength of characterisation.' - Jake Kerridge, Sunday Express magazine

'In Bitter Chill features a compelling, complex plot, loaded with emotive issues, fascinating psychological insights, a pervasive sense of unease and gripping police procedural. Ward’s cast of outstanding characters, from the police officers and the victims to a local community with a shared history, are powerfully portrayed.' - Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post

'Enthralling, intelligent, and profoundly moving, In Bitter Chill effectively combines a vivid picture of a now lost era when parents thought it was safe to let their children roam free in the countryside with a harder-edged age in which the risk of abduction and abuse is ever present.' - Andy Lawrence, Eurodrama

‘It’s always baffled me that more crime authors don’t use family history as a theme in their stories. So hats off to Sarah Ward whose debut novel, In Bitter Chill, pulls in all those birth, marriage and death certificates, local records, genealogical charts and dark family secrets into a police procedural. And it’s all the more powerful for doing so.’ - Crime Fiction Lover

'Easy reading for a hot summer's day' - Shiny New Books

‘One of the standout debut’s that I’ve read so far this year.’ Liz Loves Books

‘...this is a extremely well-written, accomplished debut, which, in spite of its chilly title, is a perfect summer read. Get that deckchair out now and enjoy!’ - Mrs Peabody Investigates

‘I'm conscious that one has to be wary of comparing one writer with another, but the other comparison that did cross my mind when reading this book was with Ann Cleeves. Ann has a gift for combing her well-plotted mysteries with sound evocation of character and place, a gift that amazingly was long under-estimated before the massive success of Veraand Shetland caused her to receive her well-deserved international acclaim.I don't expect Sarah to have to wait as long for widespread recognition. She is, like Ann, someone whose work demonstrates an understanding of human frailty, but also a good deal of compassion, a combination that is very appealing to many readers.’ - Martin Edwards, Do You Write Under Your Own Name

If we haven't convinced you already, get hold of a copy and let us know what you think!

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