Dutch rights sold in Meena Kandasamy's THE GYPSY GODDESS

We are thrilled to announce that the Dutch publishing house Atlas Contact has acquired Dutch rights in THE GYPSY GODDESS by debut author Meena Kandasamy. The novel, published by Atlantic, is a brilliantly original, ferociously angry and at times laugh-out loud funny book about a true life massacre in rural India in 1968 in which a group of striking Dalit village labourers were murdered by a gang sent by their landlords. The book is as much about a true life massacre as it is about the impossibility of writing a novel about a true life massacre.

Jessica Nash, head of foreign fiction at Atlas Contact says: ‘We are thrilled to publish Meena Kandasamy’s furious, funny, heart-breaking novel The Gypsy Goddess. It has been a while since I have read something so well constructed yet structurally supple, so formally playful yet deadly serious. Metafiction – and a very good story to boot. It is challenging, scintillating, thought-provoking and poetic.’

The book received a huge amount of media attention with rave reviews in The Guardian, The Times and The Independent. The Times called the book ‘Dazzling, maddening and often hilarious.’ And The Guardian says: ‘Powerful…The Gypsy Goddess has a lyrical, radical core, which offers bold perspectives on the relationship between poverty and power.’

Foreign rights have also been sold to Wunderhorn Verlag in Germany.