THE INFLATABLE WOMAN, a graphic novel by Rachael Ball to be published by Bloomsbury

We're thrilled to tell everyone that Bloomsbury will be publishing the debut graphic novel, The Inflatable Woman, by British cartoonist and teacher Rachael Ball, in October.

The book is inspired by Ball’s own experience of breast cancer and tells the story of Irish, a zookeeper and internet dater diagnosed with cancer. Bloomsbury describe the book as “a charming but poignant story of illness, friendship and resilience which combines magic realism with the grit of everyday life to create a poignant and surreal journey inside the human psyche”.  It has been written and illustrated, in black and white pencil, by Ball. Ball’s work has previously appeared in the TLS and the Radio Times.

Alexa von Hirschberg, senior fiction editor at Bloomsbury, bought world rights from Kirsty McLachlan at David Godwin Associates. The book is being published in October to coincide with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

To see an array of Rachael's wonderful drawings visit her website here and follow @rachaelcartoons on Twitter.