Reviews: Luke Harding's A VERY EXPENSIVE POISON

Published in March by Guardian/Faber, Luke Harding's A Very Expensive Poison has been receiving some wonderful reviews. 

The Evening Standard explains - "This extraordinarily pacy book - I downed it in two session - by the Guardian's former Moscow correspondent is one of the best political thrillers I have come across in years. It is also a wonderful guide to criminality and power in today's Russia..."  

From The Times, "Harding ... tells this ghastly tale with real authority, wit and panache ... The book is as "definitive" as it claims, though "national security" means that the MI6 aspect of the story will never emerge. It is not only Russia that needs a change" and the Sunday Times, "Harding's book adds fascinating depth and context to an extraordinary story."

The New Statesmen says the book is "Pacy and impassioned ... Harding paints deft portraits of the tragi-comic duo suspected of carrying out the crime." While Bill Browder, author of Red Notice says, "A Very Expensive Poison reads like a John Le Carré spy novel, but shockingly it's all true. Luke Harding has followed the criminality of the Putin regime from Russia to the West and his story leaves us with terrible feelings of dread about what Putin will do next."

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