Tim O'Grady's 'CHILDREN OF LAS VEGAS' Nears Publication

Tim O'Grady's brilliant book, Children of Las Vegas is set to be published this week and along with it come a host of events, and you're all invited. 

Children of Las Vegas collects together 10 stories about growing up in the world's playground, illustrating the best and the worst of the city. We hear of the city's hustler spirit from Nevada, son of a casino owner, and of the strain the glimmering lights put on family ties from Alesha, a childcare worker. All the stories are accompanied by images by photographer and long-time collaborator, Steve Pyke. 

17th June - Book Launch : Burley Fisher Books

Come along for a reading from Tim O'Grady plus a Q&A. £3. A glass of wine included. 

7-9pm at Burley Fisher Books, 400 Kingsland Road, London, E8 3FG


19th June - I Could Read The Sky

As part of The Immigrants of Spitalfields Festival, Gareth Evans will be in conversation with writerTimothy O'Grady about the film based upon his photographic novel I Could Read the Sky.

I Could Read the Sky
Nichola Bruce
1999 | 86 min | Colour | 35mm
Introduced by Timothy O'Grady

A film about music, madness memory, love and loss, a haunting story of immigration, I Could Read the Sky is adapted from the photographic novel of the same name. It is the moving story of an old man living in a bedsit in London, remembering his life, growing up on the West Coast of Ireland, and his journey to London. The film unravels the strange twisting drama of a working man’s life. It moves from a decaying rural past to a vividly modern present, driven by a dynamic music soundtrack that draws from both, and a simple flowing lyrical storytelling. The film gets to the essence of how we remember, from behind closed eyes, with its abstractions of light and form and sudden moments of precise clarity, taking us on an inward, visually extraordinary labyrinthine journey to the film’s end. It stars the acclaimed late Irish writer Dermot Healy.

Tickets: £12 / £10 conc. / £8 Close-Up members
Box Office: 02037847975


19th June - Children of Las Vegas - Tim O'Grady introduced by Gareth Evans, film curator at the Whitechapel Gallery

“People come to Las Vegas to blow off steam and then go. But I’m stuck here. When I see the city lights I think of all the parts they don’t shine on. I think I’m living there, in those parts. The shadows pull you under.”

After a film showing up the road at Close Up, award winning author Timothy O'Grady will come to us at the bookshop to talk about his new book, 'Children of Las Vegas'. 

Thirty-seven million people visit Las Vegas every year. It's a city that offers to fulfil all your desires, without any repercussions. Timothy O'Grady asks what happens to the people who have to grow up there?

This book tells the stories of ten children, interspersed with short essays about the city and portraits by highly acclaimed photographer Steve Pyke.

You can read more about the author here, here and here.

This event is free, but please rsvp to info@bricklanebookshop.co.uk if you'd like to come.

Sunday, June 19th, 7pm -  Brick Lane Bookshop