Review: The Outside Lands by Hannah Kohler

The Financial Times' 'Summer Reading 2016' highlighted a huge variation of exciting reads for our summer suitcases. Lionel Shriver, bestselling author of The Mandibles and We Need to Talk About Kevin, selected DGA's very own Hannah Kohler, whose debut novel The Outside Lands had struck a chord: - 

‘There’s an arbitrariness to choosing any “best” book, but I’d nominate Hannah Kohler’s debut novel The Outside Lands (Picador) as the “most surprising” 2016 release that I’ve encountered so far. In this Vietnam-era story, a California family is imploded first by private tragedy, then by the war itself. Yet the author is a Brit writing about a time before she was born. You’d never know it. Her ear for American dialogue is flawless, her historical details spot on. The quality of the writing, too, is astonishing. I wasn’t exactly in the mood to re-enter the 1960s of my youth, but Kohler won me over. Should you feel a similar resistance to this oft-visited subject matter, get over it.’ 

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