4th Estate to publish Postcard from the Past


We're thrilled to share that 4th Estate has bought ‘Postcard from the Past’ by Tom Jackson from Kirsty McLachlan here at DGA. 

Created by postcard collector Tom Jackson, the Postcard from the Past Twitter account offers a feed of images of vintage postcards paired with a quote from the message written on the back. The interplay between the images and words has a wonderfully wistful, nostalgic effect, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the lives of the people who wrote the cards, and cumulatively, the project forms a kind of alternate social history. It has been called ‘lovely’ by Mark Haddon, ‘sad and sweet’ by Holly Walsh and ‘a masterclass in dialogue writing’ by Jason Hazely, author of the Adult Ladybird series.

Tom Jackson says: ‘It’s been pleasing and exciting to see just how quickly so many people have taken the cards and their messages to heart. Working with 4th Estate for a Postcard From The Past book was an easy decision for me - Tom Killingbeck and the team really got the concept and its eccentric possibilities. I’m confident that together we’ll make a beautiful, odd, funny and successful book.’

Tom Killingbeck, Publishing Executive at 4th Estate says : ‘Postcard from the Past’ is that rare thing – a cult online phenomenon which will work even better in book form. Tom’s curatorial eye is exceptional, and the quotations he finds in his postcard collection are by turn hilarious, mysterious and moving. There’s a true art to what he does, and I can’t wait to introduce his work to readers who loved Letters of Note and Very British Problems next summer.’

Rights secured are UK and Commonwealth excl. Canada and audio. Publication is scheduled for June 2017.