Julia Shaw's Making Evil sells to three publishers

Deals have now been made to three publishers for Julia Shaw's second book, Making Evil. Canongate will publish in the UK, Doubleday in Canada and Hanser in Germany.

The Memory Illusion was a bestseller in both Germany and Canada, and will be published in over fifteen other countries.

'Come with me on a journey to uncover the science behind your living nightmares. Let me pose the questions that you are too afraid to ask in public, but to which you have always wanted to know the answers.


This book seeks to harness your curiosity, and offers an exploration of what evil is, and the lessons we can learn from science to better understand why humans do bad things. Using a combination of science and philosophy, I pick apart questions that will help you to better understand the world, and yourself - giving you a guided tour through the darkest corners of your Google search history. Questions like ‘would I kill baby Hitler’, ‘do I look evil’, and ‘why do I want to murder my spouse’.


It explores aspects of human nature that help us to understand why we all sometimes think and do things that are ‘evil’. Ultimately, our reaction to deviance may tell us less about others and more about ourselves.'


Making Evil is a fresh and rigorously scientific book that breaks down our fears, and tears into the dark dispositions that lie within each of us.


As a criminal psychologist Dr Julia Shaw and author of the highly acclaimed The Memory Illusion, deals with the topic of evil on a daily basis. In Making Evil, she uses the latest scientific research to show us why people behave so badly and how we can prevent evil acts by understanding more profoundly how such acts come about – and what truly makes us evil.


Foreign rights are represented by Lisette Verhagen at SLA.