Nikki Gemmell appears on The Australian Story

A week ahead of publication, Nikki Gemmell has appeared on The Australia Story, recounting the events of her mother's death. Do catch up online and make sure you put 27th March in your diaries, when After will be available to buy in Australia and New Zealand.

Australia's bravest and most honest writer explores the devastating aftermath of her elderly mother's decision to end her own life.

Nikki Gemmell's world changed forever in October 2015 when the body of her elderly mother was found and it became clear she had decided to end her own life. After the immediate shock and devastation came the guilt and the horror, for Nikki, her family, relatives and friends. No note was left, so the questions that Elayn's death raised were endless. Was the decision an act of independence or the very opposite? Was it a desperate act driven by hopelessness and anger, or was her euthanasia a reasoned act of empowerment?

After is the story of Elayn Gemmell - and the often difficult, prickly relationship between mothers and daughters, and how that changes over time. As anguished as it truthful, as powerful as it is profound, After is about life, death, elderly parents, mothers and daughters, hurt and healing, and about how little, sometimes, we know the ones we love the most.

A deeply intimate, fiercely beautiful, blazingly bold and important book.

Catch up on Nikki's episode of The Australian Story here. 

TV rights for After have been optioned, and French rights sold to Au Diable Vauvert. It is on submission in the UK and US.