Frank Trentmann Awarded Humboldt Prize for Research

We're delighted to share the news that the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has awarded Frank Trentmann their Humboldt Prize for Research (Humboldt-Forschungspreis). The €60,000 prize is awarded “in recognition of a researcher's entire achievements to date to academics whose fundamental discoveries, new theories, or insights have had a significant impact on their own discipline and who are expected to continue producing cutting-edge achievements in the future”. Wonderful news.

Frank Trentmann's Empire of Things: How We Became a World of Consumers, from the Fifteenth Century to the Twenty-First is available to buy now, and is published by Penguin's Allen Lane. His next book, The Germans: A Moral History, 1943 - 2020, is set to publish in Autumn of 2020 by Allen Lane in the UK, Knopf in the USA, Fischer Verlag in Germany, De Arbeiderspers in Holland and Corpus in Russia.