Freshers by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

We're thrilled to see Freshers by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison, making waves now that it's been released into the world. The book is published by Chicken House books and is the third novel the duo have written together after Lobsters (2014) and Never Evers (2016). 


Uni beckons. Phoebe can’t wait to be a fresher – especially since her crush from school will be there too. She’ll be totally different at Uni: cooler, prettier, smarter … the perfect potential girlfriend. She’ll reinvent herself completely. But Luke’s oblivious, still reeling from the fallout of the break-up with his ex. Thrown head first into a world of new friends, parties and social media disasters – can Phoebe and Luke survive the year, let alone find each other?

A warm, hilarious and perfectly observed coming-of-age comedy about the first year of uni from the authors of the YA Book Prize-shortlisted Lobsters; a must-read for new freshers!

Praise for Freshers 

Hilarious . . . Totally nails the chaotic giddiness of being a student. ~ Holly Bourne

Hilarious, heartfelt and honest - FRESHERS makes the university experience universal. ~ Non Pratt

Congrats Tom and Lucy! Make sure you grab a copy here.