Claire Tomalin's 'A Life of My Own' receives rave reviews

Claire Tomalin's personal memoir, A Life of My Own, has brought in some fantastic reviews since its release last week.

A Life of My Own cover.jpg

The Guardian's Anthony Quinn said ‘You will find it hard not to be amazed,' and that it's 'impossible not to be moved by the indomitable spirit which drives this memoir…She comes across like the heroine of a great novel…a hugely entertaining book’. Whilst the Times exclaims that Tomalin '...should be a heroine to modern snowflakes who melt at the first hurdle. Tomalin is like a glacier: unstoppable, inexorable, gathering resolve as she goes… The book is poised and beautifully paced.’

Kate Kellaway of the Observer said the memoir was ‘absorbing, moving and marvellously written.’ While the Sunday Times described the book as ‘... peppered with fascinating pen portraits and anecdotes… she has tried, as Pepys did in his life, to give the ‘texture’ of a life. This she has achieved quite brilliantly.’

The Evening Standard said that ‘It is not Tomalin’s professional life that impresses most in this memoir but her survival through personal tragedy, or rather, her remarkable ability to articulate its bleakness… She speaks from the heart but retains a sort of privacy, and is all the more powerful for it.’ 

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