Paul Kildea's CHOPIN'S PIANO optioned by Sovereign Films


Sovereign Films have optioned film rights in Paul Kildea’s Chopin’s Piano: A Journey Through Romanticism (Allen Lane, Penguin 2018). The film will feature music from the Grammy award-winning, Daniil Trifonoc, who has been hailed as “the most astounding young pianist of our age.” Performing the work of Frederic Chopin on many of the same piano’s used during his 1848 concert tour of Britain.

Speaking to the Guardian, producer, Donald Rosenfeld said, “Other Chopin films have played his music on contemporary pianos, which sound different. Like all my movies, we’re trying to recreate history and bring you back in time.” Rosenfeld is the producer behind Emma Thompson’s Howard’s End and said that Chopin’s Piano “had inspired a “dream project” about a musical genius, more than 30 years after Miloš Forman’s Amadeus, a film about the rivalry between Mozart and Salieri that won eight Oscars.”

Paul Kildea’s brilliant book is available in all good book shops and here to buy now.