Diane Atkinson's RISE UP WOMEN! reviewed

Published last week by Bloomsbury, Diane Atkinson's Rise Up Women! The Remarkable Lives of the Suffragettes has received a number of brilliant reviews over the weekend, including pieces in the Times, the Guardian and the Spectator. The TLS says the book is "surely destined to become a key general text" and that it "provides an accessible, captivating, chronological account that incorporates recent developments in ancestry research as well as first-hand accounts." 

Rise Up Women.jpg

Lucy Fisher of The Times calls the book a "definitive history of the suffragettes … Atkinson exhorts her readers to salute the suffragettes. She is right to so do. It is easy to assume that women's suffrage was inevitable, but that should not detract from the efforts and losses undertaken by the pioneers so vividly described here”. 

“A thrilling and inspiring read! For too long these extraordinary women have been hidden from history. Rise Up Women! should be a standard text in all schools. And will be a treasured handbook for today's feminists” –  Harriet Harman MP,

“Diane Atkinson's detailed and authoritative Rise Up, Women! seems to me to be pretty much a definitive history of the suffragettes ... Hurl this volume at a Westminster window, and it would break in an instant” –  Rachel Cooke, Observer

“An exclusive and captivating story of this remarkable movement” –  Sunday Express

“This is the untold story of the women's suffrage movement at last revealed in glorious 360 detail. Rise Up Women! is heartbreaking, inspiring and incredibly rewarding to read” –  Dr Amanda Foreman, author of Georgiana.

“Patiently, skilfully and empathetically, Diane Atkinson gives us the fullest, most insightful history yet of the suffragette movement and the courageous women who drove it forward to eventual fruition” –  David Kynaston, author of Austerity Britain.

“Rise up and buy this book! Diane Atkinson has produced an instant classic of feminist history. All the spectacular drama and intrigue of the decade long militant campaign for the women's vote is staged in this immensely readable suffragette epic” –  Rachel Holmes, author of Eleanor Marx.

Rise Up Women! is an Observer Pick of 2018 as well as a New Statesman Book of 2018. Pick up a copy here.