About Us

David Godwin

David has been an agent for almost twenty years. He previously worked as a publisher at Heinemann, Secker and Warburg and then Cape. To see a list of David's clients, click here.

Philippa Sitters

Philippa is Junior Agent at DGA and the point of contact for queries, you can contact her on philippa@davidgodwinassociates.co.uk

Lisette Verhagen

Lisette is the Foreign Rights Manager at DGA. Please email any queries regarding foreign rights to Lisette at lisette@davidgodwinassociates.co.uk

Heather Godwin

Heather is the financial director of DGA and edits works for pre-existing clients - she does not accept submissions. 

Kirsty McLachlan

Literary agent and film/TV/stage agent for DGA clients. Submit directly to kirsty@davidgodwinassociates.co.uk. Client list here

Eleanor Birne

Eleanor Birne worked as a publisher for nearly twenty years. She is building a list of literary fiction and non-fiction authors at DGA. You can contact her on eleanor@davidgodwinassociates.co.uk

Burt Salvary

Burt is Royalties Manager at DGA, payment inquiries should be directed to him at burt@davidgodwinassociates.co.uk.

Hugo Godwin

Hugo is working with DGA to develop a series of projects related to natural history, popular science, ecology and the environment. Email: hugo@davidgodwinassociates.co.uk