About Us

David Godwin

David has been an agent for almost twenty years. He previously worked as a publisher at Heinemann, Secker and Warburg and then Cape. To see a list of David's clients, click here.

Philippa Sitters

Philippa is Junior Agent at DGA and the point of contact for queries, you can contact her on philippa@davidgodwinassociates.co.uk. To see a list of Philippa’s clients, click here.

Lisette Verhagen

Lisette is the Foreign Rights Manager and handles North American rights at DGA. Please email any queries regarding foreign rights to Lisette at lisette@davidgodwinassociates.co.uk

Heather Godwin

Heather is the financial director of DGA and edits works for pre-existing clients - she does not accept submissions. 

Kirsty McLachlan

Literary agent and film/TV/stage agent for DGA clients. Submit directly to kirsty@davidgodwinassociates.co.uk. Client list here

Burt Salvary

Burt is Royalties Manager at DGA, payment inquiries should be directed to him at burt@davidgodwinassociates.co.uk